Monday, August 15, 2011

If I told you, you wouldn't believe it...

I am not big on writing, but felt the month of July deserved it's own post. This if for all of you who follow my work. Many months ago, through one of those very strange, but by no means coincidental series of events, I met the COO of a very reputable Food & Beverage management company out of Texas. He heard my story, liked my work and offered to help. It turned out this company operates a very prestigious, very high volume bakery in Dallas managed by an incredible Chef who is and 8 time Food Network Challenge medal winner. I spent a week in Dallas completing an internship with her and her team and learned many new things. Most importantly I learned a valuable lesson that will follow me for the rest of my life: to believe in myself. While in Texas, I participated in the 2011 Icing on the Cake Competition held in Louisiana. Because the competition was held the Saturday I was flying back to Miami, I received the results of the competition over the phone. To my complete and absolute disbelieve I won first place in my division, and also won for the Theme category. This was my first national competition and hopefully not my last. God is doing the most amazing things in my life, things that I cannot explain. I would have never thought a year ago sitting in my living room watching Cake Challenge that I will have the opportunity to work with the most welcoming group of dedicated individuals who make it happen on a daily basis, and their incredible boss who believed I had a chance in this competition.

Thank you Bronwen for an unforgettable experience...

Here are some pictures of "The Cake". The stump was cake covered in fondant and decorated to look like a tree. The frog was hand sculpted out of white modeling chocolate and hand painted.


  1. Congratulations Andrea! Your work is amazing, you certainly deserve to have it recognized! I'm not surprised you won the competition. God has given you a gift, and you are using it well. To Him be the glory. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Andrea, you are awesome....I have no words to describe how proud I am to see how far you have come! You are a testimony of what faith and complete trust in God can do in a woman's life. I wish you the best in this new adventure :-)

  3. How awesome. I am so awed by work Andrea. I am so happy to have come to know you because now I will always have you to go to for fabulous and the most memorable cakes. :)